Our values

Our values

BGene is an atypical company. It owns up to it, is proud of it and claims it. The start-up codes are there – a talented team of enthusiast, passionate and ambitious engineers –but on the cosmetics market, BGene stands out.


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BGene is a company with strong values, committed to an ecologic approach. As the world is in full trouble regarding climate and exploitation of natural resources, BGene is part of those companies who are already in the future by proposing innovative solutions that meet naturality requirements of producers and future consumers.

The scientific project is built around eco-responsibility, circular economy and sustainable development. BGene is a company that has vocation to answer its clients’ needs by bringing innovative solutions, respectful of people and nature.

Our products

To conceive its products BGene commits to respect four fundamental points regarding the conception of its products

  • Bio-sourcing By using renewable non-food resources
  • Reduced energy consumption By developing production processes less energy greedy than traditional processes
  • Control and traceability of raw materials
  • No production of environment harmful co-products. Thanks to synthetic biology

On the perfumery market, natural fragrances (essential oils and vegetal ingredients) are rare, subject to climatic variations and agronomic hazards, and have a very low concentration in molecules of interest. Lavender for example, uses major ground surface at the expense of other cultures.

Always looking for performance, BGene is a company setting up its goals of excellence in an environment of trust, respect and integrity, with partners, customers and collaborators.