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BGene remakes its communication!


From a women-founded start-up to an innovative and atypical actor on the cosmetic market, BGene changed its business model and it is obvious in its new communication.


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New business model and repositioning for BGene-genetics start-up

Since 2015, BGene supports a positioning of a 100% feminine start-up in biotech. However, in 2018, the company operates a strategic turning point. It decides to highlight the ecologic values that drives its team members (now in full parity) and its economic project: eco-responsibility, circular economy and sustainable development.

This new repositioning in favour of naturality, respect of the environment and people echoes its economic strategy. It is marked by its entry on the cosmetic components market and a fundraising of 3 million euros allowing to develop its innovation in its own brand, with commercialization target of 3 years. Success is achieved immediately. BGene wins two call for proposals for institutional projects (Colornat FUI and Innov’R for Oakarina)