Recognised since its creation for its innovative and genuinely feminine character, BGene developed itself opportunistically on the markets of pharmacy, agrifood and cosmetics. It focused on bringing forward its technologies to its partners and customers.


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Our History

2017 marks a major turn for the company that is identified on the cosmetic market because of its values. It is the year where BGene chooses to develop its business model as well and reinforce communication around its DNA: environment protection thanks to innovation.


The company decides to focus on cosmetic market where its competitive positioning is unique.

The takeover of CAD4BIO enables both companies to present a complete commercial offer and to enlarge the team up to 12 people in 2018.

Key dates

  • 2014 Founding of BGene by Marie-Gabrielle JOUAN-CEO -Caroline Ranquet Basic Advanced Research Director, and Alexia CHANDOR, R&D Director.
  • 2015 BGene is part of a FUI project whose goal is to produce and develop 5 aromatic molecules for the perfumery industry based on BGene innovative technology
  • 2016 First fundraising with local Business Angels in order to automate tools and process.
  • 2017 CAD4BIO is taken over and Second Fund raising of 3M euros
  • 2018 BGene is chosen in two calls for appraisal with projects named OAKARINA and COLORNAT

The team

  • Marie-Gabrielle Jouan CEO -
  • Caroline Ranquet Basic Advanced Research Director -
  • Alexia Chandor-Proust R&D Director -
  • Cyril Perot - IT Director