Chromosomal Modifications



Without scar


universal tool


Can be fully automated



Usable on a wide
range of bacteria




genome editing fully automated


Firstly developed on E. coli, BGene technology allows to modify with an accuracy up to the base the bacterial genome.

Insertion from one gene to a whole biosynthesis pathway, point mutation or deletion are possible, without leaving scars (repeats, recombination site) nor antibiotic resistance. COLIBELT® can be used on all the genotypes of E. coli and doesn’t need any particular characteristic of the strain. This technology can be fully automated, allowing the high-throughput creation of the strains.

The modifications are stable and no selection pressure is needed during the process to maintain the new characteristics of the strains.

COLIBELT® can be used as an alternative to the plasmidic expression of recombinant proteins.

genome editing on diverse bacteria


Given that BGene technology is independent of genetic factors, it is usable in a wide range of bacteria.

Derived from COLIBELT® technologie and tested on both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, UNBELT® is the universal solution for the genetic engineering of bacterial chromosome and enables the optimization of bacteria of interest for industrial biotechnology.