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BGene Genetics announces the acquisition of CAD4Bio

Grenoble, 07/17/2017 : BGene Genetics, a company specialised in synthetic biology, has acquired CAD4Bio, a company specialised in the development of softwares dedicated to molecular biology with whom it has been collaborating for 3 years.

This acquisition forms part of BGene strategy to automate its technologies and to produce new microbial chassis for bioproduction at high-throughput levels. The integration of the CAD4Bio team into BGene will allow to strengthen the development and the implementation of its genetic and metabolic engineering tools in order to reduce development time and strain costs.  

CAD4Bio acquisition was made possible thanks to BGene historical investors, to new investors (including Business Angels associations of the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region) and to its financial partners. 

Marie-Gabrielle Jouan, BGene Genetics CEO: ” Computer sciences, robotics and microbiology form today an indivisible whole to offer an alternative production way. The acquisition of CAD4Bio will enable us to make synthetic biology THE solution of the future to the production of molecules usually produced through petrochemistry or sourced from scarce raw materials “.

François Rechenmann, CAD4Bio CEO: ” The acquisition of CAD4Bio by BGene pursues the goal of a close association between biology and computer sciences that is key in the synthetic biology competitive field. I am delighted that the software will come into its full dimension within a team that now owns all the required skills in biology, robotics and computer sciences, to meet the challenge of the design and optimisation of production strains.”

About BGene Genetics

BGene Genetics is a company founded in  2014 and based in Grenoble, specialised in metabolic and genetic engineering of microbial production strains and that aims to develop more environmentally production ways.  BGene develops bacteria able to produce molecules in a sustainable way from non food and renewable raw materials using biotechnology and the natural microbial biodiversity. 

About CAD4Bio

CAD4Bio is a start-up based in Montbonnot (France) founded in 2013 by François Rechenmann, reknown expert in microbial bioinformatics. CAD4Bio has developed a software of computer-aided design for molecular biology. Through its user-friendly interface, the software supports the biologist throughout the design process of genomic constructions, controls their high-throughput construction and capitalised on experience through a machine learning module. 

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