A fully integrated approach

From the design to the process development


In silico
Metabolic Design


Strain Optimisation
Production Process



Feasibility study

You want to produce a new molecule by fermentation ? To improve your production yield? To optimize your biotechnological process?

We can handle the feasibility study, review the state-of-the-art and the existing industrial property. At the end of this phase, we make several propositions of genetic and metabolic engineering for the development or the improvement of your process, suggesting the most suitable host.

Genetic construction of the strain

The propositions, once accepted, are tested in vivo.

Our automated process of strain creation, from the design to the bench, allows us to test the several hypotheses in parallel and to create the strains quickly. The high-throughput production of our genetic tool (based on UNBELT® technology) is carried out in E. coli and can be used in several bacterial species in order to create the best strain to address your issue. We can work with bacteria with a biosafety level up to 2.

Strain optimisation and development of the production process

The strains are then tested for the desired characteristics.

If needed, the strains can be optimized to improve the yield or the quality of the product.

If you want to develop your process by yourself, the strains are then delivered to be integrated in your process. If needed, the strains can be tested and culture conditions can be improved by our partner Neobiosys.

We can also handle the production process development through our partnership with the TWB

Custom genome editing


Our offer is available on a service or collaboration basis

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